what happened after Bortkiewicz’ death?

Bortkiewicz died on 25 October 1952 in the Algemeines Krankenhaus in Vienna.
Bortkiewicz' death announcement

Bortkiewicz’ death announcement

His wife, Elisabeth Bortkiewicz-Geraklitova was his sole heir. The Bortkiewicz Gemeinde tried to keep the memory of Bortkiewicz’ music alive. Elisabeth Bortkiewicz stayed as subtenant of Maria Cernas in the Blechturmgasse 1 Tür 5. On 9 March 1960 Elisabeth Bortkiewicz died in the Willergasse 24, Rodaun, Wien (Vienna). Her heirs were two daughters of her brother Sergei Ilyanko. Elisabeth Schubert-Tscharré and Grete Schuster received a legacy. By then the memory of Bortkiewicz’ music had already faded away. His music went out of print and orchestral scores became very hard to obtain. But now, times are changing. Bortkiewicz’ music has been brought back to his homeland Ukraine and his music is now being played there in concerts and in music schools and new recordings of his music appear.

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