On March 13, 2018, at one of the main concert stages of Ukraine (National Philharmonic Hall), pianists from Ukraine, Italy and the USA, accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra, will perform all three piano concertos by the Ukrainian composer Sergei Bortkiewicz (1877-1952). Yevhen Levkulych (Ukraine) will perform the first piano concerto opus 16, Alfonso Soldano (Italy) will perform (his two hand version) of the second piano concerto opus 28 and Pavel Gintov (USA) will perform the third piano concerto opus 32.

Please help support the Ukrainian organizers to execute this initiave. See for more details:



PAVEL GINTOV‘s Bortkiewicz CD has been reviewed by Dutch Piano Magazine PIANIST (December 2017, p. 92). His Bortkiewicz CD was awarded a 10! Basia Jaworski writes: “Lieve mensen: deze cd is gewoon grandioos! […] De Oekraïense pianist Pavel Gintov speelt zeer beeldig, zijn aanslag is soepel zijn interpretatie vurig.” (Dear folks, this CD is simply monumental! […] Ukrainian pianist Pavel Gintov plays expressive, his touch is smooth and his interpretation fiery.”)

Pavel Gintov Bortkiewicz Piano Works

Pavel Gintov will play Bortkiewicz’s piano concerto no. 3 opus 32 in the National Philharmonic Hall in Kyiv, Ukraine, on March 13, 2018 with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine under the baton of conductor Volodymyr Sirenko.

HENRI SIGFRIDSSON played on 1 and 2 December 2017 Bortkiewicz’s piano concerto no. 2 for the left hand only at the Kraków Philharmonic Hall in Kraków (Poland) with the Kraków Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of conductor Charles Olivieri-Munroe. Henri Sigfridsson will play this concerto again in the Apollo Theater in Siegen (Germany) on 28 February 2018 with the Philharmonie Südwestfalen under the baton of conductor Charles Olivieri-Munroe.

FOLKE NAUTA released his CD “Russian piano music for the left hand only” (Russian piano music for the left hand). On this CD Nauta plays Bortkiewicz’s Epithalame opus 65 no. 3 and -amongst other works for the left hand only- his beautiful transcription for the left hand only of Rachmaninov’s Vocalise opus 34 no. 14.



NADEJDA VLAEVA PLAYED BORTKIEWICZ’S SECOND PIANO CONCERTO OPUS 28 (for the left hand only and commissioned in 1922/23 by Paul Wittgenstein) in Kiev on October 24, 2017

Nadejda Vlaeva plays 2nd Piano Concerto opus 28

On October 25 it was 65 years ago Bortkiewicz died in Vienna. In remembrance of this day Nadejda Vlaeva played the Russische Weisen und Tänze opus 31 in Kiev

Nadejda Vlaeva playing Russische Weisen und Tänze opus 31


EINSAME WANDERUNG: SERGE BORTKIEWICZ’ SONGS performed in Jean Sibelius’ birthplace

Sunday, 5 November, 2017, 14:00 (2 P.M.)
Birthplace of Jean Sibelius
Hallituskatu 11, 13100 Hämeenlinna, Finland

”Einmal wollt’ ich Wärme, Licht,
fröhlich sein mit all den andern,
einmal nicht mehr wandern, wandern,
doch das Schicksal wollt’ es nicht.”

Duo Loukio & Koekoek (tenor Petteri Loukio and pianist Jasper Koekoek) will perform three song cycles by Bortkiewicz:

Op. 23, 7 poems by Paul Verlaine
Op. 56, Im Park
Op. 62, Sternflug des Herzens

This is a rare opportunity to hear Bortkiewicz’ songs as he intended. In this concert you will hear his only three song cycles that are – currently – intact and not missing. The musical atmosphere in the idyllic concert venue, Sibelius’ birthplace, completes the concert experience.

Tickets: € 15/13/10 upon entrance or with reservation: The ticket price includes a guided tour of Sibelius’ birthplace museum after the concert.

SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 – Bortkiewicz’s Symphony no. 1 played in Dresden and Wuppertal

Symphony no. 1 opus 52 will be played by Das junge Orchester NRW conducted by Ingo Ernst Reihl in Dresden (29 september 2017) and Wuppertal (8 october 2017).

For more information and tickets please visit: Das junge orchester NRW

For more information on the discovery of the score of this symphony please visit the page Bortkiewicz and the Fleisher collection on this website.

APRIL 2017 – Chihiro Ishioka plays parts of opus 30 (Aus Andersens Märchen), opus 35 (Ein Roman), 59 (Lyrica Nova) and 60 (Piano sonata no. 2) on YouTube

Aus Andersens Märchen −Ein musikalisches Bilderbuch− Op. 30 No. 1, 9, 10

Ein Roman für Klavier Op. 35

Lyrica nova Op. 59

Sonata no. 2 Op. 60

MARCH 2017

Première performance of Bortkiewicz’s orchestral TANZSUITE OPUS 57 (score discovered in november 2013 in the Saxon State Archive in Leipzig) during the Bortkiewicz festival in Kiev in March 2017

Tanzsuite opus 57

Opus 25 no. 1 and 3 for piano and cello played during the Bortkiewicz festival in Kiev in March 2017

Three pieces for cello and piano opus 25


It is quite puzzling why, until very recently, the music of Bortkiewicz has not been widely known and loved: his high Romantic style makes him a natural to the legacy of Tchaikovsky, and he was a close contemporary of Rachmaninov. Born of Polish parentage, and later an Austrian citizen, Bortkiewicz lived in many parts of Europe but always considered himself truly Russian. This recording gives a wide sample of his work and will surely whet the appetite for more. Performed by Alfonso Soldano in his CD debut for Divine Art (dda 25142), a professor at the Conservatorio G. Braga in Teramo, Italy; he is also the biographer of the composer, a role which has given him unique insight into the mind and spirit of Bortkiewicz.

The release date of the CD is 14 October 2016. You will hear the following program on the CD: Lyrica Nova, Op. 59; Etude in D flat major, Op. 15 No. 8; Trois Morceaux, Op. 24 – No. 1 Nocturne; Esquisses de Crimée, Op. 8; Prelude, Op. 13 No. 5; Prelude, Op. 40 No. 4; Prelude, Op. 66 No. 3; Piano Sonata No. 2 in C sharp minor, Op. 60

Visit: Alfonso Soldano plays Nocturne op 24 no 1 (Diana)


“…DDA 25142 Bortkiewicz Piano Music
This is Volume 12 in Divine Art’s Russian Piano Music series, and it joins other fine recordings of this composer, whose music will appeal immediately to anyone who enjoys the music of Rachmaninoff. […] Soldano’s work here and the recording and booklet qualities all stand up fully to the other recordings. Soldano (b. 1986) is one of the last long­time students of Aldo Ciccolini. He clearly has an great affinity for this music and has also written a biography of Bortkiewicz. I have enjoyed this many times..” James Harrington (American Record Guide, USA)

“..Recently is appeared a CD that is an ideal mean and has an interpretation in which the music of Bortkiewicz is played optimally. This is thanks to the pianist Alfonso Soldano, which expresses this music with such devotion and deep intensity such as to enchant each listener. Soldano is also a pianist whose technical skill plays a sovereign role, and not have any problems with the performance of highly virtuosic music. The touching emotion that permeates the ‘interpretation of Soldano is simply disarming..” Grete Catus, (The New Listener, Deutschland)

“… This is absolutely a fantastic disc. If you’re not already acquainted with Bortkiewicz—and I wasn’t either, except for his Piano Concerto No. 1 on Volume 4 of Hyperion’s Romantic Piano Concerto series—prepare to be transported to a place of spell-binding splendor. […]  If I could, l’d buy up every copy of this album and send it to every Fanfare subscriber; that’s how much I love it. If you’re as susceptible to this music as I am, you will love it too; I promise..” Jerry Dubins (Fanfare), USA


NADEJDA VLAEVA will play Bortkiewicz opus 61 (Fantasiestücke) and 64 (3 Mazurkas) during her Carnegie Hall recital on September 20, 2016 in New York

Nadejda Vlaeva’s interpretation of Ein Traum, opus 61 no. 2 is now on YouTube

Visit: Nadejda Vlaeva plays Ein Traum opus 61 no. 2

April 2016

Dutch Pianist FOLKE NAUTA played Epithalame opus 65 no. 3 on Dutch television on March 6, 2016. Bortkiewicz composed Epithalame for the left hand only. The dedicatee of the work, pianist Rudolf Horn, premiered the work on June 15, 1934 on Berlin radio. In its original form it was called Russischer Hochzeitsang.

Visit: Folke Nauta plays Epithalame

March 2016

Bortkiewicz violin concerto opus 22.jpg

In exploring worthwhile but forgotten Russian repertoire, violinist Sergey Levitin’s brilliant and expressive playing brings us Sergei Bortkiewicz’s expansive Violin Concerto in D minor (dedicated to his friend and violonist Frank Smit), full of Romantic ardour in the Grand Manner. Bortkiewicz came from a privileged background, but the political turmoil of Russia and Europe in the twentieth century saw him twice made homeless and finally settling in Austria. The Violin Concerto is coupled with the ambitious half-hour Symphonic poem Othello, a vivid and compelling musical tapestry encapsulating the essence of Shakespeare’s tragedy, in which Desdemona’s theme – a warmly harmonised melody for strings – is strongly reminiscent of Tchaikovsky. WORLD PREMIERE RECORDINGS – RECORDED IN SACD – DUTTON EPOCH CDLX 7323

March 2016

Nadejda VlaevaNew York based Bulgarian pianist Nadejda Vlaeva performs a programme of alluring piano works by Sergei Bortkiewicz, many of them only recently discovered and here recorded for the first time.

‘Vlaeva plays all this with commanding authority. She can sing, she can charm, she can thunder, and she has a wonderfully innate rubato that suits Bortkiewicz’s idiom to perfection’ (Gramophone)

The five stars are for both the repertoire and the gentle persuasive way Vlaeva plays this sadly way-too-little-known late-Romantic Russian … more Bortkiewicz, Hyperion—we can’t get enough!’ (Pianist)

‘The playing is absolutely first class, not only in terms of technique, and Vlaeva consummately brings great power to the table when called for, while still ready to produce the most delicate pianissimo when needed’ (MusicWeb International)



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